Mercy Corps Urges African Leaders to Champion Homegrown Solutions at the Africa Climate Summit

September 04, 2023

Statement from Allison Huggins, Mercy Corps Deputy Regional Director for Africa

"We are witnessing the devastating climate-driven catastrophes unfold in front of our eyes, destroying lives and livelihoods in Africa. From unprecedented droughts to catastrophic floods and deadly storms, the continent confronts the stark reality of climate disasters that are increasingly less predictable, more intense, and deadlier. Often seen as a continent rich in diverse landscapes and cultures, Africa is now synonymous with the climate's unforgiving force.

"This inaugural Africa Climate Summit represents a significant milestone in the continent's commitment to advancing climate action and offers a vital platform for showcasing Africa's remarkable potential to forge effective climate solutions. Moreover, Africa's dynamic and youthful population possesses the essential qualities needed to address complex climate challenges: unwavering resilience, an innovative spirit, and steadfast determination to reshape our approach and solutions to environmental crises. 

"African leaders now stand at a pivotal crossroads, endowed with the power to shape a legacy transcending borders and time. This pivotal juncture urges them to vividly demonstrate and articulate Africa's vision and illustrate the solutions and innovations that benefit the continent and the global community.

"Climate change is a global challenge that knows no boundaries. Leaving African nations to battle it alone is not an option. This is not just a matter of conscience; it's a reflection of our shared responsibility to build a more equitable and resilient world.

We call on leaders to prioritize investments in longer-term solutions, rethink Africa's food systems, invest in renewable energy, enhance energy efficiency, embrace eco-friendly technologies, and put communities first in our fight against climate change. Failing to invest in Africa's potential would have far-reaching consequences for the world.

"This first-ever Africa Climate Summit must mark the dawn of a strong and unwavering commitment to bring about positive transformation."

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