Mercy Corps Responds to Trump Administration's Africa Strategy

Commenting on the Trump Administration's new Africa strategy, unveiled by National Security Advisor John Bolton, Richmond Blake, Mercy Corps Director of Policy and Advocacy said:

"This morning, National Security Advisor John Bolton outlined the Trump Administration’s new Africa Strategy. While we commend the recognition of African countries as important trade and security partners, the strategy falls short in providing a coherent approach to preventing violent conflict and terrorism across the continent. Noticeably absent from the Administration’s strategy is a commitment to advancing human rights and democracy. Inclusive, participatory democratic governance and economic opportunities are key to fostering trust between governments and the people they are elected to serve. Mercy Corps’ research in Africa has consistently found that government neglect and injustice, including human rights abuses and corruption, are primary drivers of support for violent extremism and armed conflict. Alleviating suffering, poverty and oppression and promoting good governance are essential for preventing and ending conflict and terrorism and must be central to U.S. foreign policy across the continent."

Notes to editors:

  • Mercy Corps has active programming in 17 countries in Africa, spanning humanitarian response, peacebuilding and economic development.
  • Mercy Corps’ current U.S government-funded portfolio in Africa includes 30 active programs worth approximately $260 million.