Mercy Corps: Next US Secretary of State Must Prioritize Ending Conflict

United States

April 12, 2018

Statement from Dr. Dafna H. Rand, Vice President of Policy and Research

As the U.S. Senate begins confirmation hearings for Mike Pompeo, the world is experiencing the worst violence in 25 years, imperiling U.S. national security, reversing development gains and causing record levels of population displacement. Confronting these rising trends in global conflict —and reversing them—is one of the most critical national security and development challenges of our time.

Our nation’s top diplomat must prioritize ending the tragic conflicts in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan and elsewhere. Through its diplomatic initiatives and programs, the State Department should mobilize other nations to prevent radicalization and to promote justice and prosperity.

If confirmed, Mercy Corps calls on Mr. Pompeo to pursue diplomatic alternatives to military conflict, including on the Korean Peninsula, and to protect civilians in harm’s way. Mr. Pompeo must respond to the world's far-ranging humanitarian crises and address the global consequences of climate change. If confirmed, we expect Mr. Pompeo to promote universal rights and inclusive institutions as a basis for long-term stability and security. He must reassure the international community that certain key values will always animate U.S. foreign policy: generosity toward those in need, tolerance, respect and adherence to the rule of law.