News Alert: Flash Flooding in Indonesia and Timor-Leste

More than 100 have died and hundreds more have lost their homes as flash flooding and landslides devastate Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Mercy Corps' Deputy Regional Director for Asia, Ram Kishan, says:

“Mercy Corps teams in Indonesia and East Timor are working swiftly to mobilize resources, understand what is needed most urgently and how to get it there in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Seroja. Electricity outages and lack of cell phone service are slowing communications, and COVID-19 precautions add a layer to the logistics puzzle.

“We expect the greatest needs to be shelter, clean water and sanitation as torrential rains flooded homes and contaminated water.

“This is the season for tropical storms, and our Indonesia Response Team are seasoned responders, but more frequent and more extreme storms have become the norm as they struggle to keep pace with the spiraling climate crisis.”

Recognized as a leader in delivering rapid, lifesaving aid to hard-hit communities, Mercy Corps’s global team of humanitarians has responded to almost every global emergency in the past 25 years, including Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas (2019), Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (2017), the Nepal earthquakes (2015), Philippines typhoon (2013), the Japan earthquake and tsunami (2011), Horn of Africa drought and hunger crisis (2010) and Kashmir earthquake (2005).