Mercy Corps to assist Afghan evacuees in Uganda

Following the arrival of evacuees from Afghanistan in Uganda, Mercy Corps will support Uganda's government to respond to the most immediate needs. 

Mercy Corps' Deputy Regional Director for Africa, Allison Huggins, says:

To support the generosity of the Ugandan government, Mercy Corps will assist evacuees from Afghanistan in Uganda with immediate and urgent services, including accommodation, basic food and non-food needs, and PPE, among others.

These civilians, mainly women and children, are searching for safety. Uganda's commitment to welcome Afghan evacuees should be applauded and supported by the international community. But the task is enormous, and we must stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, who need support now more than ever. 

We also call on the international community to stay committed and invested in the future of all Afghans and urgently support humanitarian organizations partnering with Afghans to provide lifesaving assistance and address the growing humanitarian needs.