Delivering supplies to families outside Kathmandu


April 28, 2015

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  • Our team delivered much-needed emergency supplies to families in a small village just outside Kathmandu. All photos: Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps

In Chapagaon, a small village less than 10 miles south of Kathmandu, families are sleeping outside in the rain after the recent earthquake destroyed or severely damaged their homes. Many of those with homes left standing would rather stay outdoors than risk entering a building that could now be prone to collapse.

Some families are sheltering in thin tents, while others are seeking refuge in the basic shelters on a nearby mushroom farm. Our team on the ground was able to reach the village and distribute much-needed emergency supplies.

Each family received a kit with essential supplies like tarps, blankets, cooking utensils, soap, towels and water purification tablets. These supplies will help families shelter from the pounding rain and stay healthy while struggling through these days immediately after the disaster.

Staff deliver supplies that will help families struggling after the earthquake.

People affected by the earthquake are sleeping in tents near a mushroom farm in Chapagaon.

Rabina Sijapati, 21, stands in front of her damaged home. She now sleeps under a tarp by the road.

Laxmi Basnet, 80, is sleeping in one of the mushroom farm shelters with eight of her family members.

Laxmi's grandson picks up emergency supplies for the family.

A boy plays cricket near the mushroom shelters where displaced people are now sheltering.

Laxmi's daughter-in-law Manju is also living in the mushroom shelters in Chapagaon.

Kamala Sijapati, 32, and her family are now sleeping in this tent near their home.

She and her family are too scared to live in their home that was damaged by the earthquake.

There are about 100 people sleeping under six basic shelters on the mushroom farm, and more sleeping outside their damaged homes in small tents.

There are countless villages like this one that have yet to receive assistance. Our team is out delivering supplies by whatever means necessary — some villages are a day's drive away from Kathmandu and others have only been accessible to us by helicopter.

Mercy Corps staff members are doing everything they can to bring emergency supplies to the most vulnerable areas. We will be reaching people in need in six areas that have been identified as having significant need: Dolakha, Sindhupulchowk, Gorkha, Dhading, Kavre, and Nuwakot.

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