Our microfinance partners

Bank Andara

Launched in April 2009 and linked to the MAXIS program, Bank Andara was created by an investor group led by Mercy Corps to form a wholesale bank that would provide a range of banking products and services for microfinance institutions in Indonesia, providing them with capital, financial tools and technology platforms to better serve their retail clients.


MiCRO is a microinsurance company committed to tackling the most difficult risks faced by those living in poverty, starting with natural catastrophes. Started in 2011, it is the result of a unique, global partnership of private and public sector experts. MiCRO’s mission is to empower those living in poverty to take an active role in managing their risks in a sustainable and fair manner by bridging the divide between global markets and the most vulnerable.


Founded by Mercy Corps in 1997, Asian Credit Fund provides business loans to groups and individuals in urban and peri-urban areas of Kazakhstan, promoting sustainable growth in the small business sector and family-wage jobs for individual financial security. As of the beginning of 2012, ACF had a loan portfolio of $4.3 million among 7,849 clients. In addition to its lending activity ACF provides business consulting and supports local communities with scholarships and internships.


Mercy Corps formed Agency for Finance in Kosovo in 1999 to serve micro and small business clients in western Kosovo, where destruction from the Balkan conflict was most severe. AfK continues to focus on providing loans that go beyond merely subsistence businesses and create strong long-term employment prospects. As of the beginning of 2012, AfK had loans of $11.2 milion among nearly 5,192 clients.

IMON International

IMON International was co-founded by Mercy Corps and the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan in 2005 and completed a transformation to a commercial organization in June 2008. IMON is the largest and one of the best-performing microfinance institutions in Tajikistan, providing business and consumer loans to groups and individuals through its network of 34 field offices and 360 staff. As of the end of 2011, IMON served over 42,000 clients with $45.2 million in loans. IMON became a deposit-taking organization at the end of 2012 and plans to begin offering these services in 2013.

Kompanion Financial Group LLC

Kompanion was founded by Mercy Corps in 2005 to consolidate the lending operations of five independent NGOs in Kyrgyzstan. With more than 140 offices throughout the mountainous, landlocked republic, Kompanion has over 106,000 active clients with more than $75 million in loans, as of October 2013. Kompanion and Mercy Corps are pioneering the concept of strategic philanthropy by blending development activities with commercial financial services. Mercy Corps believes that community development banking will provide Kyrgyzstan with the financial services, social cohesion and development resources it needs to become an economically self-sufficient nation.

Partner Microcredit Organization (Partner)

Partner is a multi-ethnic organization founded by Mercy Corps in 2000. It is the first microfinance institution to work in both Bosnia and Herzegovina following the war. One of the largest MFIs in Bosnia, Partner provides a range of business, agriculture and housing loans through a network of 20 offices. As of September 2012, Partner had a loan portfolio of $61 million and served 36,243 clients. Partner is four-star rated by MIX Market, a global database of microfinance institutions. In December 2007, Partner ranked No. 18 on the Forbes magazine list of the world's best microfinance institutions.

Poverty Alleviation in the Tumen River Area (PATRA)

PATRA provides small loans to enterprising low-income women throughout the rural areas of Yanbian Province in northeast China. Most women use their loans to invest in farming or animal husbandry. Since its inception in March 2003, PATRA has disbursed over $4.9 million in loans in this region.


Since Mercy Corps co-founded XacBank in 2001, the microfinance bank has set the standard for providing full-scale banking and financial services in one of the world's least densely populated countries. As one of Mercy Corps' largest financial affiliates, XacBank reaches 381,000 depositors and over 77,000 borrowers in a region extending from Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar, to the sparsely populated Gobi desert.

The bank provides a range of financial services to micro-entrepreneurs and consumers, including business loans and leasing, residential mortgages and a range of consumer credit products. It is noteworthy that women comprise 52% of the bank’s borrowers. XacBank also provides savings products which include childrens' savings accounts, retirement savings for the self-employed and a range of CDs for short and intermediate term savings. The bank pursues a “triple bottom line” approach in its business, with consideration for People, Profit and Planet. Microcapital.org, a news and research initiative on international microfinance investment, recently listed XacBank as one of nine "industry leaders."

Mercy Corps Northwest

Mercy Corps Northwest helps low-income individuals in Oregon and Washington improve their lives through small business and self-employment. The loan program provides financing to entrepreneurs with viable business ideas and “entrepreneurial spirit” who may have credit blemishes or lack surplus collateral. MCNW can lend to start-ups or existing businesses, especially those that create jobs for low-income people. As of late 2012, MCNW had loans of over $2 million to almost 200 clients.