[Virtual OMSI Science Pub] Adapting to a Changing World: NASA + Mercy Corps

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On May 7, join us at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST for OMSI's Virtual Science Pub to learn how Mercy Corps and NASA are working together to help small-scale farmers adapt to climate variability and a changing environment.

The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like hurricanes, wildfires and droughts threaten the world's food supply, drive people from their homes, separate families and jeopardize livelihoods. All of which increase the risk of conflict, hunger and poverty. 

Mercy Corps works to increase resilience to environmental and climate variability by considering the challenges each community is facing, and developing localized solutions that have the biggest impact.

NASA uses its innovations in science and technology and networks of Earth observations to monitor and understand complex human and environmental systems at different temporal and spatial scales that enable science-informed decisions on building resilient communities.

Around the world, in places as diverse as the Sahel, Mongolia, India, and Indonesia, Mercy Corps and NASA are helping people become more resilient in the face of environmental variability and a changing climate. In order to create real and lasting change, the social, economic and political realities underpinning shocks and stresses to communities must be addressed. 

Mercy Corps and NASA believe partnerships and collaboration are the keys to unlocking possibility. Together, we can build a more resilient world.

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About the Speakers

Shanna McCLain

Dr. Shanna N. McClain is the Partnerships Manager for NASA’s Earth Sciences Division, and the Program Lead for Risk Reduction and Resilience for the Applied Sciences Disasters Program. Her work involves defining NASA's role in resilience through the development of projects in fragile and crisis-affected areas, and by employing Earth observations to better address the nexus of human and environmental systems. She is interested in the intersection of science and policy, and in developing science-informed solutions for humanitarian action.

Shanna holds a PhD in Environmental Resources & Policy from Southern Illinois University. Her doctoral research examined the challenges of integrating three science and policy priorities – climate change adaptation, response to disasters, and resilience – into multilevel governance frameworks of international river basins. Shanna also works as a Visiting Scholar with the Environmental Law Institute, where she provides research, policy analysis, and decision support to issues of environmental migration and displacement, and environmental conflict and peacebuilding.

Eliot Levine's head shot

Eliot Levine is a climate change and environment expert with 19 years of experience in international development and conservation. He is currently the Director of Mercy Corps Environment Technical Support Unit, leading a team which provides strategic support to Mercy Corps’ global program portfolio as related to climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, low carbon development, natural resource management and WASH.

Prior to Mercy Corps, Eliot spent 8 years working at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as a Sr. Climate Adaptation Adviser. In this role he worked directly with WWF’s country and field teams to increase their capacity to integrate climate risks into their conservation strategies, while supporting the development of technical tools and approaches such as vulnerability assessments.

Eliot holds an MPA in Environmental Science & Policy from Columbia University. Originally from Pennsylvania, he now lives in Portland, Oregon.

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