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  • Photo: Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps

The context

The January 2010 earthquake dealt a tragic blow to a country where 55 percent of the population already lived below a poverty line of $1 a day. Still struggling to rebuild, many families have no means to support themselves. Harmful environmental practices have also damaged the country's vital agricultural land, decreasing production and leading to increased food insecurity.

Our work

  • Emergency response: Reached more than 1 million people with emergency supplies, clean water, cholera prevention, psycho-social support and temporary jobs immediately after the January 2010 earthquake
  • Economic opportunity: Increasing incomes for vulnerable families and young people by helping them start businesses, get vocational training, access savings and loan associations, and connect with larger markets for their products
  • Agriculture & Food: Promoting conservation farming techniques and helping farmers diversify their gardens with high-value crops to increase profits and build food security
  • Environment: Promoting clean energy technologies and land conservation in rural communities to rehabilitate degraded land, maintain fertile soil and reduce damage from natural disasters
  • Disaster preparedness: Training local risk management committees to better identify risk and manage emergency response needs

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