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  • Photo: Joni Kabana for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Address complex natural resource and climate change adaptation issues, with a focus on increasing resiliency in the face of drought and other external shocks. Improve health in rural communities vulnerable to malnutrition, and help farmers and business owners improve their livelihoods. Improve connections between local community organizations and private sector partners to foster innovation.

The context

Ethiopia is Africa’s second-most populous nation, and although the economy have been steadily growing, the vast majority of Ethiopia remains impoverished. More than 83 percent of the population lives in rural areas vulnerable to droughts caused by climate change as well as economic instability and conflict spillover from neighboring Somalia and South Sudan.

Our work

  • Health: Treating malnourished children and pregnant mothers, and training local communities and health providers to address health issues.
  • Agriculture & Food: Improving agricultural practices and supporting income generation of pastoral and farming households
  • Economic opportunity: Supporting pastoralists and small business owners through improved access to financial services. Empowering women and girls to become part of the economic process.

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