Thank you for transforming lives this year

Mercy Corps team member helping a father (holding his daughter) to use an ATM

As we gather with friends and family during the holiday season, we have a special message for you: Thank you! As part of the global Mercy Corps community, you’ve helped transform the lives of 30 million people around the world this year.

With your help, we are feeding hungry families, respecting the dignity of refugees, supporting local businesses, giving youth new opportunities and empowering women to achieve their goals.

Every day, we see the impact that your support has on children and families around the world. Their renewed hope and strength is a reminder that lasting change is possible when we work together.

Your support helps us give people the resources and support they need to overcome some of the world’s toughest challenges and build better lives. Today and every day of the year, people everywhere are grateful for you.

Thank you for being an important part of the global Mercy Corps community. Together, a better world is possible.