Mercy Corps urges peaceful resolution to avert humanitarian crisis

West Bank and Gaza, November 15, 2012

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    Reuters/Abed Omar Qusini - courtesy the Thomson Reuters Foundation - AlertNet  </span>
    Palestinian protestors shout slogans in front of Israeli soldiers (R) during a protest against Israel's military operation in Gaza, at Hawara checkpoint near the West Bank city of Nablus. A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed close to Tel Aviv on Thursday, in the first attack on Israel's biggest city in 20 years, raising the stakes in a military showdown between Israel and the Palestinians that is moving towards all-out war. Photo: Reuters/Abed Omar Qusini - courtesy the Thomson Reuters Foundation - AlertNet

Mercy Corps is gravely concerned about the escalating violence between Israel and Gaza. We are worried about the wellbeing of people on both sides, as well as the countless humanitarian staff in the region should the situation grow worse.  We urge both sides to seek a resolution and avoid any more human suffering.  

Our staff on the ground are actively monitoring the situation and are prepared to provide immediate relief and assistance should the humanitarian situation call for it.
Mercy Corps has a longstanding history helping the people of Gaza. Since the 1980s, we have been working to help Palestinians in Gaza meet their immediate needs for survival and find durable solutions to chronic problems. In 2005, Mercy Corps was a key presence in distributing much-needed medical supplies, food, cooking fuel and kitchenware to families affected by border closures. In 2008-2009, we provided emergency food and other supplies during the devastating Israeli-Hamas conflict.
Since then, Mercy Corps programs have offered short-term jobs to hundreds of unemployed Gazans, and we ran recreational activities for children to help them deal with conflict-related trauma, build self-esteem and life skills. We are transforming these programs to address long-term progress.