Video: New documentary on the impact of climate change in the Kashmir Valley

December 4, 2009

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Good morning!

The preparations are in full swing for Terra’s visit and the Mercy Corps “Say It’s Possible” Climate Change Concert that will take place here in Kashmir on Dec. 7. So many have stepped forward and volunteered their talent and time with the hope that this effort will help educate the public across the globe and somehow motivate people and their governments to commit themselves to taking Climate Change seriously at Copenhagen and beyond.

In particular, the local artist community in Kashmir is playing a leading role in supporting this awareness-raising event by developing a Kashmiri-English version of Terra’s inspiring song “Say It’s Possible,” and composing a traditional Kashmiri musical orchestra to back up Terra and the Kashmiri singers who will be performing with her.

In addition to Terra’s musical performance, the event will feature the premiere of a new documentary film that takes a close look at some of the observable impacts of climate change that are taking place in the Kashmir Valley. The film is titled Global Warming — A Catastrophe in the Making, and has been made by Shafqat Habib and Shahid Rasool of the Educational Multi-Media Research Center (EMMRC) at the University of Kashmir.

With stunning views of the Himalayan vistas in Kashmir, this documentary features some leading scientists, including Dr. Shakil Romshoo, a glaciologist at the University of Kashmir who has been conducting research on glacial retreat in the Himalaya as a result of global warming. The film looks closely at how climate change is already affecting the livelihoods of some of the most vulnerable sections of the Kashmiri community and explores what the future holds for this region if the world is not able to muster the political will needed to reverse the current trends.

While the audience in Kashmir will get to see the premiere of this film on the big screen at the Climate Change Concert on December 7, Mercy Corps is pleased to host the online premiere of this film right here, right now.

This online premiere is made possible by the dedicated filmmakers, Shafqat Habib and Shahid Rasool, and through official collaboration of EMMRC (University of Kashmir) in Mercy Corps’ “Say It’s Possible” Climate Change Concert with Terra Naomi in Kashmir.

Also, if you haven’t already watched it on YouTube, click here to watch the trailer for another documentary by a U.S. flimmaker called, Kashmir: On Thin Ice, coming out next year. This film highlights a growing concern that climate change might increase tensions in South Asia as Kashmir’s water resources become scarce.

I’ll be sharing a whole lot more info soon — next time focusing on the good news, i.e. what can be done at the local and global level to avert the climate-induced human catastrophes that are now in the making across our fragile planet.