Our statement on Syria cease-fire: Why wait one week?


February 11, 2016

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  • Mercy Corps delivers food aid in northeast Syria, including the governorate of Aleppo, to up to 570,000 people each month. Recent airstrikes have hampered our ability to deliver aid. Fighting must stop immediately so we can continue to meet the needs of thousands of Syrians who desperately need food and other supplies. Photo: Will Carter for Mercy Corps

We are encouraged by the apparent breakthrough in negotiations on Syria and hopeful that it will pave the way to a permanent cease-fire and, eventually, a lasting peace. A cessation of hostilities by all parties to the conflict will allow for humanitarian access to the millions of innocent Syrian civilians trying to survive a seemingly endless war.

At Mercy Corps, we see our team in Syria courageously navigating battlefields to deliver urgently needed food, blankets and other supplies to people trapped in the crossfire. We see tens of thousands of men, women and children desperately looking for a safe place, without finding one.

We must ask: Why wait one more week before the fighting stops?

What we have seen in Syria over these past years of war is shameful. It’s time to end the fighting. It’s time to end the bombing. It’s time to end the war. Now.