The still somewhat new

May 12, 2009

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We launched a new version of Mercy Corps' website about six weeks ago on April 1st (no joke). This update wasn't just a facelift to the appearance of the site: we retooled the entire site from the inside out and migrated to the popular open-source content management system Drupal.

As is to be expected any time you roll out a new technology there have been issues, but the feedback we've gotten to the new site has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone loves the higher resolution photos we're able to provide in the new layout. The integration of Google Maps and Google Search have both been big hits, making it easier to find what you are looking for and then contextualize what you find.

Organizationally, we're still coming to terms with what this new site means for us. Drupal is more of a collaborative authoring system than a traditional content management system, so figuring out how we can best connect our supporters and donors with the people who work here and with each other is one of our biggest challenges.

This blog is is a good example of the new options that are available to us that'll hopefully allow us to provide more useful, timely and personal posts on the site. So stay tuned for future updates!