A note from CEO Neal Keny-Guyer on the passing of Landrum Bolling

January 19, 2018

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  • CEO Neal Keny-Guyer and former Director-at-Large Landrum Bolling celebrate at Landrum's 98th birthday party, hosted by The Global Leadership Gathering in Egypt. PHOTO: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

At age 82, Landrum joined Mercy Corps as Director-at-Large, using his expertise in foreign politics and conflict resolution to advise on policy, strategy and program development. Read more about his incredible life here.

Dear Friends of Mercy Corps,

It is with deep sadness that I share the news of Landrum Bolling’s passing — even as we celebrate a most amazing life. Landrum was a great supporter and source of inspiration for Mercy Corps for many years, going back to the organization’s early days. Since 1995, he served as Director-at-Large and only stepped down from that role a few years ago at the “young” age of 100. He recently celebrated his 104th birthday.

Landrum was also a great personal friend and mentor to me. I will miss him greatly.

Landrum was a truly great man — a remarkable educator, college president, philanthropist and peace-maker. He truly touched thousands of lives and inspired so many of us to work for a more peaceful world. I have had the privilege to meet world leaders and powerful people. I have met very few truly great people. Landrum was among the very best.

God finally called home one his most special emissaries.

Let us all pause today and remember Landrum. Let’s send prayers and love to his family. And let’s celebrate in our hearts a truly remarkable man for what he has meant for Mercy Corps and our world.

Remembering and celebrating Landrum,