"My Earthquake Story" — a story for everyone

April 7, 2010

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    The cover of our new "Comfort for KIds" workbook for earthquake survivors in Chile. Photo:

Together with our partner EPES (Education Popular en Salud), we're updating our Comfort for Kids materials to meet the needs of the Chile earthquake victims. We've just completed the design and translation of My Earthquake Story which in Spanish is Mi Historia Del Torremoto. A version of this book was used with great success in Peru in 2007, in China in 2008 and before that, it was "My Hurricane Story" in English for children affected by Hurricane Katrina.

We've made one very significant change to this book: instead of the cover reading "My Earthquake Story: A Guided Workbook for Children," it now simply reads "My Earthquake Story/ Mi Historia Del Torremoto." After talking with our trainers from Peru, who are now in Chile, we learned that a lot of parents and community members were interested in this book, but were hesitant to work on it because the cover said is was a workbook "For Children."

So we took it off, because everyone has a story to tell.