Life is not back to normal.

January 19, 2009

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Reem: "People are a bit more relaxed after the cease fire although the situation is not so stable. Some people received messages on their cellular phones saying 'Don’t be so happy, even if you are back to your homes you may have to evacuate again.'

"The ceasefire should have started a long time ago. We can go back to our homes and we feel safe, but we still feel that this quietness is temporary because the real problem is not solved. There is no agreement or anything of this sort. The Palestinian authorities think that what happened is a victory; but in reality the civilians are the ones who lost.

"We can move around. People went back to their homes, they are cleaning, searching for missing people. It is really sad. People only talk about what happened and about who died. All we do is call those who lost someone. Others whose homes got ruined are trying to find another shelter. Life is not back to normal. We still hear the planes."