Organizing needs surveys in Osh, Jalalabad

Kyrgyzstan, June 21, 2010

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Mercy Corps is organizing a needs assessment in and around the southern Kyrgyzstan towns of Osh and Jalalabad, and Kyrgyz-Uzbek border areas which were badly affected by recent violence.

Staff will survey families affected by the violence about their situation in terms of housing, food, water, shelter and other household needs. The data will inform Mercy Corps of the needs of an estimated 400,000 displaced from their homes.

Since the outbreak of violence last month, staff at Mercy Corps and Kompanion, our affiliated microfinance company, have remained in close contact with loan clients and local staff to stay abreast of the situation.

Country director Catherine Brown will spearhead the effort along with Sean Collins, who recently arrived in the country to assist with emergency logistics. They'll be helping train former Mercy Corps staff on a survey tool designed to ensure consistent data collection.