Kompanion delivers humanitarian aid to Osh families

Kyrgyzstan, June 22, 2010

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    Photo: Kompanion

Our microfinance company, Kompanion, released the following about its humanitarian response to the violence in southern Kyrgyzstan:

On June 16, Kompanion Financial Group in cooperation with Bai-Tushum Consultant company and Raifaizen Kyrgyzstan Fund delivered five tons of humanitarian aid to Osh, which has been at the center of recent riots, looting and ethnic clashes.

Kompanion, in collaboration with the companies listed above, purchased and delivered five tons of essential goods to Osh for 350,000 KGS (about US$7,600). Goods included fortified foods (baby formula and cereal and adult instant hot cereal), sanitation products, basic medical supplies, and antiseptics.

Ulanbek Termechikov, Chief Executive Officer for Kompanion Financial Group said of the recent events in Osh: “It is extremely important to unifу our forces, providing essential humanitarian aid to the people of Osh during this extremely difficult time." He added: “In this situation, business communities cannot standby and watch this crisis unfold. Thanks to our employees’ quick response Kompanion was able to provide some urgent help in the wake of these recent events.”

Kompanion also plans to provide additional humanitarian aid to those living in Jalal-Abad.