Livestock distribution to RAE communities program

Kosovo, April 28, 2003

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    One beneficiary of Kosovo's Livestock Distribution Program leads his cow home. Photo: Mercy Corps Photo:

The five municipalities selected as the target area for this project, have large populations of Roma Ashkalia and Egyptian (RAE) communities spread across twenty-two rural villages. The five municipalities include Peja/Pec, Istog/Istok, Suhareka/Suva Reka, Gjakova/ Dakovica and Decani/Deqan. This project focuses on the RAE communities in rural villages in the selected areas, and will donate a variety of livestock to the selected beneficiaries. The livestock considered include cattle, goats and chickens.

The distribution of livestock will be complimented with a training program for all farmers who wish to participate.

This project in the short-term, will provide the poorest and most needy families with an animal, thus providing them with food security and a source of much needed protein (milk and, or, eggs) in their diet. In the long-term, by providing the RAE communities with livestock, a source of food, and a source of income, the livelihoods of the beneficiaries will be improved, and stability within the communities created. In turn, community stabilization will support a reduction in rural to urban migration and create an environment conducive to the return of displaced persons and refugees. This program is funded by the Swiss Development Corporation.