Providing clean water to 16 drought-affected Kenyan villages


August 3, 2011

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    Mercy Corps  </span>
    A woman and her daughter in a northeast Kenyan village get clean, fresh water — likely their first in days — from supplies trucked in by Mercy Corps' emergency response team. Photo: Mercy Corps

Over the last few days, the Mercy Corps team has more than tripled the number of northeast Kenyan villages in which we're delivering clean water to families. We're now providing lifesaving relief to 16 towns throughout drought-parched Wajir County, reaching more than 119,000 people.

Our current emergency response in this part of Kenya is focusing on increasing access to affordable water in two ways:

  1. Trucking fresh water into villages that have no access to a reliable water source, and
  2. Subsidizing the fuel costs for pumping in villages with boreholes to increase the available water supply.

We're working in towns of all sizes, from larger towns (Bilcilbuulbul, with 28,078 people) to tiny villages (Qara and Weylahir, with 300 people each). Our team is still assessing needs across the area, and we'll continue expanding our work to save lives.

You can help us keep finding and helping crisis-stricken families survive with a donation to our Horn of Africa response fund. Thank you for your support.