In the news: Marketplace examines impact of Syrian refugee crisis on host countries

Jordan, Syria

September 12, 2013

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  • Both Syrian refugees and struggling Jordanian families are in need of assistance in towns bordering Syria. Photo: Sumaya Agha/Mercy Corps

Millions of people inside and outside of Syria are in urgent need of assistance as the humanitarian situation worsens two years into the deadly conflict. Over two million people have fled to neighboring countries, and those that have welcomed the refugees are finding themselves increasingly struggling to meet the needs of their own citizens.

Syrian refugees in Jordan now make up an estimated one in 12 people, and in Lebanon that number is closer to one in six.

On today's show, Marketplace explained how supply and demand dictates that prices will rise and wages fall as so many newcomers compete for limited resources.

Having been on the ground with refugees in both Lebanon and Jordan, Mercy Corps’ Cassandra Nelson spoke with Marketplace to describe the situation in these host communities: “The prices on goods — the price they pay for water, or for rent, or for food and other items — has skyrocketed since the beginning of the refugee crisis.”

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In order to keep tensions at a minimum, Mercy Corps has been working with local groups in both countries to strengthen their capacity to resolve issues peacefully, as well as to promote cooperation between and among refugees and their host communities.

Mercy Corps is supporting nearly 2 million people affected by the crisis in Syria, including 750,000 Syrian refugees and host community members in Jordan and Lebanon. Learn more about our work  ▸