Striding down a path of wreckage

Japan, March 15, 2011

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The lone Neena Sasaki, 5, striding down a path of complete wreckage, her pink bag full of remaining family belongings, her mouth turned down in sadness but her face set in striking resolve. She looks mightier than all the soldiers behind her.

This photograph says it all to me. Complete and utter bravery in the face of unimaginable devastation.

Sending much love to Japan. Was just on a call with Tomoko of Peace Winds in Tokyo, our partner on the ground. It's morning there, and she is at the office figuring out what all is going on today. She reported that vans are leaving for the north to make more deliveries of tents, food, and a few mobile phones for evacuees to use to get in touch with their families. They also were able to find some fuel. Supplies are getting scarce though, she said. They had to call all over Tokyo for fuel. They couldn't find water.

The people we are serving in Kesennuma are still in great need of more food and blankets and other supplies to stay warm. Tomoko said that even while we were delivering tents for people to take refuge in, there is so much debris on the ground that it's difficult to find space to set them up. But, she said, "We will find a way."

We have to. For this little girl. And for all of those who also continue to show amazing bravery in the midst of worsening disaster.