Responding to cholera

Haiti, December 29, 2010

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  <span class="field-credit">
    Ben Depp for Mercy Corps  </span>
    Charles Listen Garier, age 9, washes his hands during a Mercy Corps briefing at a displaced persons camp on the edge of Port-Au-Prince on measures to prevent the transmission of cholera and what to do if they or someone in their community starts exhibiting symptoms. Photo: Ben Depp for Mercy Corps

In mid-October, cholera reappeared in Haiti after a 50-year absence. Mercy Corps immediately launched an emergency response to help contain the epidemic, delivering hygiene supplies, along with lifesaving prevention and treatment information, to vulnerable communities in Port-au-Prince camps and the Central Plateau.

Efforts to Date:

  • Reached more than 75,000 people in high-risk rural areas with cholera prevention and treatment information and a two-week supply of water- treatment tablets.
  • Ensured 14,000 displaced in Port-au- Prince camps have ongoing access to soap, clean water and latrines.
  • Aired radio messages to relay key cholera information to 310,000 people.

Next in the Central Plateau:

  • Distribute water-treatment tablets, oral rehydration salts and soap to 22,500 families.
  • Establish 100 kiosks that provide regular chlorine supplies to 155,000 people to disinfect drinking water and household items.
  • Employ a 40-person team to disinfect cholera-contaminated households.