Big band aids, big heart

Haiti, January 27, 2010

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    The caption for this photo on Amiri's fundraising page reads, "help me help others!" Photo:

Amiri Horn could well be the youngest fundraiser in Mercy Corps’ history. Just three and a half, he saw the devastation in Haiti on the news and knew right away he wanted to help.

First Amiri asked his mother, Ayana, if he could set up a lemonade stand. No, she said, it’s too wet and cold out. Next, he wanted to collect money for band aids.

“They need really big band aids to help them feel better,” he said.

So Amiri and his mom set up a personal fundraising page on the Mercy Corps website. So far, he’s raised an impressive $630. Best of all, the next time he saw the news, Amiri noticed a picture of a child with a fresh bandage on his head.

“Hey, that’s my band aid on his head – I helped him get that!”

Amiri is proud to be making a real contribution. He’s now aiming to raise $1,000 on his fundraising page – and he even managed to convince his mom to let him do a lemonade stand, too.