“No quiere su tacita de café?”

Guatemala, July 14, 2011

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Today, in the very early morning after I finished my daily run here in Guatemala for the final time, I took a journey to visit some of the sites where I'd built friendship bridges over my year of work here. One last time, I witnessed the daily chores of townspeople as they went about earning their living and caring for their children. I rode my bicycle one last time through the atmosphere of local markets.

Then I I knocked the door of the house of my favorite baker, who wished me “God be with you.” I left a message for the gas man who was absent from his business that morning, who had many times offered me a ride to the Mercy Corps PROCOMIDA warehouse where I worked.

I shook the hands of the elderly lady who runs a small convenience store near the warehouse, who many times prepared for me a cup of coffee. When I told her that I stopped by because I was leaving the country and wanted to say good-bye, she said “No quiere su tacita de café?" — "Don't you want your cup of coffee?"

We shared one last coffee together and I absorbed her wise advice: “Do good things wherever you go.”

At this moment I am feeling the heart beat of this place…the strong and vivid signs of life. I am also feeling what it's like to leave behind a piece of the world where I've lived and made so many friends.

Thank you Mercy Corps and PROCOMIDA for the opportunity of spending a year working with your field workers here in Guatemala, and giving me the chance to go beyond the boundaries of Colombia — my home country — to see the realities and share the stories of many wonderful people in Alta Verapaz!