Life in Tent #16


August 27, 2008

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    Mercy Corps Georgia  </span>
    Photo: Mercy Corps Georgia

The kindergartens and public schools of Gori town continue to fill up with dozens of displaced people from war-torn areas. Today, we provided hygiene supplies and food for six days to those taking refuge at all the kindergartens in the town, as well as the 625 people in the tent camp here.

Many of those at the tent camp know for sure that they have lost everything in their houses and villages; not even a single thing was saved.

Zaza Kareli, a displaced man from Tkviavi village here in Gori district, is now living in Tent #16 with his family. They fled from the first bombardment of their village, even though paramilitary soldiers took their car from them. On their way — walking several miles on foot — they encountered many soldiers, some of whom gestured threateningly. The Kareli family eventually managed to arrive near this place by hitching a ride with the first car that would stop for them.

There is only one bed — used by Kareli's child — in this tent, and a little backpack with some items left from a previous humanitarian aid distribution.