Dane Randall’s cross-country ride for Mercy Corps

June 17, 2009

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This year, a young man from North Carolina named Dane Randall made one of those plunges into the unknown: he decided to hop on his bike and ride from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean. He’s doing it because he loves cycling, because he wants to see his own country from the ground and because he’s gutsy. But, most of all, he’s doing it because he felt an inescapable sense that he had to help other people.

Dane had an epiphany: he realized that he could turn something he loves to do into a way to do something he cares about; his cycling journey could raise money for charity. His fundraising requests are phenomenally modest — just 1¢ per mile. A thousand miles costs a sponsor only $10, and to support Dane’s entire ride is only $42!

Considering all the work he’s doing, the price seems more than fair — this young man has taken on a great endeavor for a great cause, and deserves the support of the Mercy Corps community. So far, he’s raised about $1,200 of his $5,000 goal, but we hope that Dane will inspire people to give as he has been inspired to help.

To sponsor Dane’s charity ride, visit his his page here on our website.

Dane maintains a terrific blog from the road. It is a complete vicarious experience, like traveling right alongside him, only without spending more than three months on a bike!

He takes us with him state by state through a rich collection of photographs and stories, and you can track his location on his interactive map. Dane launched his journey on April 30 and, as of today, he's just a little south of Colorado Springs. He’s been touched by phenomenal yet casual generosity, has had some hilarious encounters and been wonder-struck by the U.S.’s cultural diversity and scenic beauty.

I strongly encourage anyone who has enjoyed cross-country travel to visit Dane’s blog; you’ll be flooded with your own warm memories, and be impressed with the documentation Dane has managed to keep from the road through frequent visits to public libraries. You may well be moved to offer Dane some local perspective, a shower and a meal when he gets to your town.