Stand up for a better world

To be a humanitarian is to see the humanity in all people.

It's choosing to show up, speak up, and stand up for someone you may never meet. It's joining a force for good that reaches across beliefs and borders. It's refusing to settle for broken promises when the world needs bold solutions. It's knowing you don't have to be in power to have power.

That's how we turn our values into victories. Raise your voice. Sign our petitions today.

URGENT: The Global Fragility Act was just passed in the U.S. House of Representatives — sign now to show your support before it's voted on in the Senate.

Tell Congress: Help prevent violence

This bill will help prevent conflict’s devastating consequences on families around the world.

Protect Foreign Aid

Foreign aid not only saves millions of lives, it also builds a safer world for us all. Sign now to ensure Congress protects the International Affairs budget.

Protect Food Security

Break the cycle of hunger and help feed people in need with your support of global food security programs.

Take Action: Protect people at risk from climate change

Tell Congress to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and work together to better prepare the world for the destructive effects of climate change.