7 for 7: Seven Voices for Seven Years of the Syria Crisis

They worked as doctors, teachers, lawyers and accountants. They grew gardens behind their homes, and raised their families in the shade of orange trees. And when war broke out, they fled—before dawn, after sunset, in the middle of the night—with nothing but their children in their arms.

They are Syria’s people, pushed to the margins by seven years of war.

As we commemorate the seven-year mark of the Syria conflict on March 15, Mercy Corps is proud to feature seven voices from the crisis in this special series—including Syrians affected by the war, as well as those who are working on solutions to the crisis. Their stories are ones of fear and frustration, hope and resolve. They represent the determination Syria will need to rebuild.

As we prepare to face another year of conflict, we are honored to stand with Syria’s people. We believe in a better, more peaceful world, and are committed to building it together.

* * *