URGENT: Venezuelans struggling to survive

Amidst economic and social collapse in Venezuela, 1.5 million people have fled the country in attempts to save themselves and their families. Because of the crisis, the average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds last year and only eats one meal a day. Children are suffering from malnutrition and treatable diseases are starting to spread. Families living in this underreported crisis need our help now.

We are on the ground responding to the needs of Venezuelans who’ve fled into Colombia and helping them access urgently-needed medications. Make a gift today to Mercy Corps’ Humanitarian Response Fund to send relief to Venezuelans and other families around the world.

Your support will help us respond to the needs of the some 3,000 people a day arriving across the border and other vulnerable communities in places like Syria, South Sudan, Puerto Rico, Nigeria and Yemen. Please give now to help us deliver emergency relief and support to people around the world. You can be a lifeline for those who need us most.

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