URGENT: Venezuelan refugees struggling to survive

Victoria rents this room in Colombia after fleeing Venezuela with her children and husband — his job as a police officer no longer provided enough to take care of their family.

More than 3 million people have fled Venezuela in recent years to find a way for themselves and their families to survive. Because of economic and social collapse, the average Venezuelan only eats one meal a day, and children are suffering from malnutrition and treatable diseases.* Families arriving in Colombia after fleeing Venezuela need help now.

Make a gift today to Mercy Corps’ Humanitarian Response Fund to send relief to Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and other at-risk families around the world. We are on the border responding to the needs of families who’ve fled into Colombia, helping them access food, shelter, clean water, hygiene supplies and other urgently needed support.

Your gift will help provide lifesaving aid to the thousands of Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and other vulnerable communities in places like Yemen, Syria and Nigeria. Please give now to help us deliver emergency relief to people around the world.

* "Venezuela’s Crisis Is Now a Regional Humanitarian Disaster," The Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2018

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