URGENT: Families facing famine

Somalia is one of four countries that the UN has declared at risk for famine. Many of those suffering from malnutrition are children, like Abshivay, 13, who lives with her family in a displacement camp in Baidoa.

Children and families in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria are facing the threat of starvation. The U.N. has warned that 20 million people in these countries are at risk of famine, and many of them are children.

We must act now to prevent further catastrophe. You can help us deliver more lifesaving relief to people around the world by making a gift to our Humanitarian Response Fund today.

Parts of South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria are on the brink of famine, and the numbers of people in need of emergency food are only growing. Vulnerable people in these countries and around the world urgently need your help today.

Mercy Corps is on the ground helping children and families get the emergency food, supplies and support they need to survive and build better lives. Your gift today will help us reach even more communities in dire need of assistance.

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