Help refugees now

Aya, 6, sits on a bed in an unfinished shelter in Lebanon. She and her mother are Syrian refugees. When they arrived, their shelter had no walls, ceilings or bathroom. Mercy Corps has since turned it into a safer home. You can help families like Aya's with your gift today.

For more than seven years, children and families have been trapped in the crossfire of the deadly Syrian conflict. Mercy Corps team members are working tirelessly to provide lifesaving aid for hundreds of thousands of people affected by Syria crisis, and others living in conflict areas like South Sudan and Yemen.

Every day, these vulnerable people are facing violence and crisis. With your help, we're supporting families fleeing Eastern Ghouta, feed children in South Sudan facing the threat of famine, reach survivors after natural disasters like Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and so much more.

  • $35 can help give clean, lifesaving water to 7 families in need
  • $105 can help give 5 families hygiene kits to protect them from disease
  • $300 can help give emergency food kits to 8 refugees

Together, you can help provide the lifesaving food, water, shelter and support that families who have lost everything desperately need, in Syria and countries around the world.

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