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Photo credit: KARAM AL-MASRI/AFP/Getty Images

The Syrian refugee crisis is a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. Men, women and children are risking their lives every day as they flee their homes in search of safety. You can help provide the lifesaving relief they desperately need.

Your gift to our Humanitarian Response Fund will help deliver more lifesaving aid to Syrian refugees and families in crisis around the world. As the severity of this crisis reaches an all-time high, your compassion is more important than ever.

Mercy Corps is on the ground helping the most vulnerable families around the world get the food, water, shelter and support they need. But as more people flee the horrific violence every day, straining already scarce resources, your support has never been more crucial.

  • $35 can help give clean, lifesaving water to 9 refugees
  • $115 can help give a family a hygiene kit to protect them from disease
  • $240 can help give 8 refugee families essential food to keep them nourished
  • $420 can help a protect 2 refugee families by giving them shelter

Thank you for reaching out to the millions of refugees caught in this and other terrible crises around the world.

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