Help families now

The Syria crisis is a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. For years, Mercy Corps’ team in Syria has courageously navigated battlefields to help alleviate the intense suffering of people trapped in the crossfire of this deadly conflict.

Right now, our teams in northern Syria are providing food, blankets and other supplies for evacuees from Aleppo and other newly displaced Syrians. And you can help provide the lifesaving relief these families desperately need.

  • $35 can help give clean, lifesaving water to 7 families in need
  • $105 can help give 5 families hygiene kits to protect them from disease
  • $225 can help give 6 refugees essential food to keep them nourished
  • $410 can help give warm winter coats, scarves, gloves, and boots to 12 refugee children

Your monthly gift to our Humanitarian Response Fund will help deliver more lifesaving aid to families in Syria, refugees in the region and families in crisis around the world.

Thank you for reaching out to Syrian families and others in need around the world.

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