Donate to help women thrive

Every day, women in many of the world's toughest places are left out of school, left vulnerable to attack, left to fend for themselves through violence and disaster.

Don't let them get left behind — they are the key to moving forward.
You can help us bring education, protection, jobs and health care to women around the world.

When she can care for herself and her family, she will improve her community and change our world. It doesn't take much to help a woman discover her incredible potential:

  • $30 funds one of our women's literacy classes on India's rural tea plantations, educating mothers who then fight for their daughters to go to school.
  • $40 provides counseling for a rape survivor in the Central African Republic so she can heal and build a productive future.
  • $150 allows a group of female dairy farmers in drought-stricken Niger to start a business, boosting their income and providing food for their neighbors.

Your gift today will make a difference for generations.

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