Take action: Protect people at risk from climate change

Flooding in haiti
Families in places like Haiti are already dealing with the dangerous effects of climate change: flooding, droughts, hurricanes and hunger. They need our help now to adapt to a changing future.

The impacts of climate change are not a distant threat. People around the world are already experiencing the effects of extreme weather events like heat waves and coastal flooding. Climate change threatens food supplies, drives people from their homes and jeopardizes livelihoods.

While we are all affected by climate change, the people in the poorest countries — and the most vulnerable groups within those countries — are under the biggest threat. In 2019, 13 of the 20 countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change required humanitarian assistance.

We're asking Congress to work together to support policies and investments that help the people most at risk adapt to a rapidly changing planet.

Take action: Ask your representative to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and work together to ensure those most at risk are better prepared for the destructive effects of climate change.

Here is the letter we’ll send to Congress on your behalf:

Dear Member of Congress,

I write today as a constituent concerned about climate shocks increasingly impacting diverse global communities, especially in poor and fragile countries. To help protect these communities and the rest of the world from the risks of climate change and climate related insecurity, I ask you to join the House Climate Solutions Caucus and support practical solutions to climate risks.

People living in the poorest communities worldwide remain the most vulnerable to disasters such as droughts and hurricanes. They are the most at risk of losing their lives and livelihoods, and yet they are the least prepared for the effects of climate change. The Climate Solutions Caucus is a bipartisan group of Members of Congress interested in working together to find smart policy solutions that will address climate risk and help these countries and communities prepare for the changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and increasingly extreme weather events associated with climate change.

Joining the Climate Solutions Caucus will demonstrate that you are taking serious steps to address climate threats like prolonged drought and increasing floods. Investments in these types of policy solutions are going to prevent or limit the need for future emergency response to disasters by making communities more resilient.

I care deeply about fighting poverty and climate change, and ask that as my representative you take action to address these concerns, starting with joining the Climate Solutions Caucus. Thank you for your consideration.