Tell Congress: Protect foreign aid

Classroom in guatemala

When more than 68.5 million people around the world are displaced from their homes, foreign aid is a necessary and powerful tool to help families survive and rebuild their lives. The lives of millions of people who have fled horrible violence in Guatemala, South Sudan and Yemen depend on this support.

But U.S. investment in foreign aid is at risk. Major cuts to foreign aid budgets have been proposed again and again by the current administration. It will be up to our Congress to decide whether America will continue to be a global humanitarian leader and show compassion for those in need.

Foreign aid not only saves millions of lives, it also helps to build a safer and more stable world for us all. There is too much progress and too many lives at stake to pull back.

Urge your representative to take a stand for lifesaving foreign aid.

Dear Member of Congress,

As a constituent, I am writing to ask you to protect and prioritize the International Affairs budget. I ask you to fight for U.S. global leadership and robust foreign assistance funding that saves lives and creates the conditions for a safer, more prosperous world.

The International Affairs budget demonstrates American values and leadership abroad. Largely due to conflict, humanitarian need continues to rise. Humanitarian assistance provided through accounts including the International Disaster Assistance account and Migration and Refugee Assistance account ensures that families have access to things like clean water and safe shelter when they are forced to flee their homes.

Foreign assistance is also a direct investment in global stability, conflict prevention and global prosperity. Programs funded by Development Assistance and the Economic Support Funds have been shown to reduce participation in political violence -- one of the most pressing issues today.

Over the past year, business leaders, faith leaders and military commanders have weighed in, urging Congress to reject proposed cuts to foreign assistance and to fight for levels of foreign assistance that keep pace with growing threats. I urge you to heed their words and fight for foreign assistance. These views matter. As a proud American, I want to echo these calls and ask you to protect and prioritize the International Affairs budget.