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  • Photo: Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Help communities achieve greater prosperity and food security, increase opportunities for youth and women, and reduce the risks of natural disasters.

The context

Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with nearly a third of citizens living below the national poverty line — less than U.S. $0.25 per day — and another third living on less than $2 per day. Frequent natural disasters like earthquake and floods are especially devastating to families with few resources to protect themselves and recover. Half of Nepal's population are youth, and 90 percent of them are unemployed. Young women must often work at home or marry early, preventing them from finishing school and keeping families locked in a cycle of poverty.

Our work

  • Agriculture & Food: Improving incomes of smallholder farmers with the production of high-value crops like ginger, cardamom and potato
  • Economic opportunity: Increasing access to loans and savings for marginalized people in remote areas
  • Women & Gender: Teaching financial literacy so women can develop and expand their small businesses
  • Disaster preparedness: Training communities to identify risks, build protections against floods, and educate residents on emergency response and coordination
  • Education: Helping girls stay in school and connecting them with skills and opportunities to find jobs and start businesses

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