What Happened to MY World?

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In the Fall of 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita wreaked havoc throughout the Gulf Coast, causing more than a million people to evacuate their homes and literally blowing away the finely woven fabric of many people's lives: their homes, families, jobs, pets, and possessions that connect them to the past.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita left hundreds of thousands of people uprooted and homeless, adrift in a devastated world. Millions more, including children, witnessed the largest natural disaster in United States history with horror and empathy.

JPMorgan Chase, Mercy Corps, and Bright Horizons established Comfort for Kids to offer assistance to children and families affected by Katrina and Rita. As parents, educators, employers, relief workers and caregivers, we want to provide the children around us with the support, reassurance, and understanding they need to understand the forces of nature that can disrupt and devastate the world as
they know it.

What Happened to MY World: Helping Children Cope with Natural Disaster and Catastrophe is intended to help parents, and all those who work with families and children, during times of natural disaster.


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