Xylem Watermark

A global company focused on "solving water," Xylem has partnered with Mercy Corps through its signature philanthropy program, Xylem Watermark, to help provide safe water in the aftermath of disasters. Their support includes providing water filtration and purification equipment and sharing expertise with Mercy Corps’ on-the-ground staff working to rebuild water and sanitation infrastructures.

Since 2008, we have responding to emergencies in eight countries. In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Xylem Watermark helped provide more than 5 million liters of clean water to families in need. In Japan, their support has restored livelihoods for hundreds fish-farming families. During the drought in the Horn of Africa, they helped provide over 2 million liters of clean water, and they're now supporting Mercy Corps' efforts to increase the water supply to Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan.

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