Horn of Africa food crisis

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  • Photo: Sean Sheridan for Mercy Corps

In the summer of 2011, East Africa's worst drought in 60 years put more than 12 million people at risk of starvation. Failed crops and dead pastures forced millions to leave their homes in search of food.

To date Mercy Corps teams in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia have helped nearly 2 million people caught in the grip of the crisis, saving lives with emergency food, clean water and cash to buy food and essential supplies.

We created temporary jobs repairing water storage points and clearing roads; ran mobile medical clinics to reach those with no alternative; kept livestock healthy with vaccines; and helped to keep families in their own homes, so they didn’t have to leave everything for life in tent camps.

Now, we're continuing our support by helping these people build resilience to future cycles of drought and hunger. We're helping them find new ways to earn money and support their families, and strengthening markets to make food accessible and affordable, even in the most remote places.

We train health workers to treat disease and promote healthy nutrition in their communities, and we're helping farmers improve the health of their animals and better manage their land and water supplies.

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