Coming to the table

This season, let’s join together to help families focus beyond their next meal. A better future starts when there’s enough to go around.

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Life begins when we have enough to eat. Though food is a basic human right, too many people are trapped in a cycle of hunger by larger forces like poverty, disaster, conflict and inequality. We see a chance to work with communities to help people plan a future beyond their next meal — where every child is able to go to school, every parent has the ability to work, and everyone can build a life without being held back by hunger.

How You Can Help

Your support helps us provide more urgently needed food, water and cash to help hungry families meet their basic, immediate needs. Donate to our Humanitarian Response Fund now.

Our Response

Today we are operating about 100 programs in 34 countries that help families access nutritious food.

We can only tackle hunger effectively if we first address what causes it in the first place. That’s why we work with communities to improve farming practices, strengthen local economies and empower women to help lead their families beyond survival toward a brighter future.

  • Agriculture: Every year we connect more than 1 million farmers around the world to the resources they need to increase production, feed their families and boost their incomes. Learn more about our work with farmers.

  • Cash: Our cash distributions have given some 9 million people the freedom to choose their own path to survival while infusing around $200 million into local economies around the world.

  • Food Assistance: For more than three years we have been providing local bakeries inside Syria with free flour so families can afford to buy bread. To date, we have distributed more than 116 million pounds of flour, helping 129 local bakeries stay in business. Today this program feeds some 400,000 people per month.

  • Healthy Mothers: We have connected more than 4 million pregnant women, mothers, infants and young children around the world to the breastfeeding support and malnutrition screenings they need for a healthy future.