Mercy Corps Approach to Good Governance

July 9, 2010

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Good governance emphasizes the partnership between citizens and government for the common good; how mechanisms, processes and institutions facilitate citizens and groups to articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their responsibilities, and mediate their differences. For Mercy Corps, good governance is both a programming goal and condition for all other development initiatives to be sustainable.

In countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, Colombia and Guatemala, Sudan and the Central Africa Republic, Mercy Corps is helping strengthen the capacity of citizens and their representatives so that political, social, and economic priorities are based on broad consensus and decisions are implemented in accountable and transparent ways. A tenant of this approach is ensuring the voices of the poorest and the most marginal are heard in decision-making. In the sectors of economic development, infrastructure, and training inputs for public institutions such as schools, Mercy Corps applies good governance programming to improve accountable decision-making, equitable civic participation and voice, and effective local government service delivery.


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