Market Development

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It is estimated that almost half of the world’s population, 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 per day. The global economic crisis, conflict, natural disasters, and environmental impacts threaten the fragile livelihoods of these low-income earning populations. However, the world’s poor demonstrate impressive resiliency, coping strategies and entrepreneurial energy. Mercy Corps applies a market development approach to understand the complexities surrounding the poor and focuses on removing constraints to their participation in markets, offering a leverage point to turn challenges into opportunities.

Mercy Corps currently operates upwards of 30 market development projects in over 27 countries worth approximately $100 million dollars. These projects support at-risk communities to sustainably develop strong market systems that increase incomes and productivity while reducing the effects and risks of disaster or conflict.

Mercy Corps believes that partnership is critical to achieving deep impact, sustainability, and amplifying reach. We collaborate with a diverse range of partner agencies and institutions at all levels of the public, private and civil society sectors to address the global challenges that drive our work. See the list at the right for a few of our current international partners.

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