Agri-Fin Mobile Baseline and Product Development Survey Abridged Reports - Indonesia, Uganda and Zimbabwe

Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Uganda

February 4, 2013

Between August and October 2012, Mercy Corps under the Agri-Fin Mobile Program commissioned various Development Consultants in Indonesia, Uganda and Zimbabwe to undertake baseline and product development surveys. The primary objective of the surveys was to identify the ‘pain points’ or critical needs of smallholder farmers drawn from a sample of respondents from the three countries. The surveys focused on technical agricultural information, mobile technology and financial services. The findings from the baseline and product development surveys are intended to support the Agri-Fin Mobile program in designing ‘bundled’ services in the three countries of operation, develop business models and assist partners such as, mobile operators, farmer organizations and financial institutions among others on the role they play in the mobile agriculture ecosystem. The surveys were designed to capture farmers’ levels of education, mobile usage, access to mobile money, access to information and the current financial services that smallholder farmers have among others. Findings from the three baseline surveys are available in the pdf below.


PDF icon uganda_baseline_survey_and_product_development_report_-_abridged_2013.pdf PDF icon indonesia_baseline_survey_and_product_development_report_-_abridged_2013.pdf PDF icon zimbabwe_baseline_survey_and_product_developmen_report_-_abridged_2013.pdf

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