Syria Cessation of Hostilities: Mercy Corps Ready to Get Assistance into Aleppo


September 12, 2016

Statement from Dominic Graham, Syria Response Director from the global organization, Mercy Corps

Gaziantep, Turkey – Mercy Corps is hopeful that the Syria cessation of hostilities agreement which is set to begin at sunset tonight will result in a window of opportunity to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid. With each day that passes, the volume of supplies needed in Aleppo continues to grow.

Mercy Corps has had stocks pre-positioned to deliver aid into Aleppo for the past few weeks, but it has been too dangerous to make the deliveries and the bombing too relentless. If this cessation of hostilities provides even the smallest window for safe passage of supplies, we are well positioned and hope to be able to use it.

"We are ready to get assistance into Aleppo right away", says Dominic Graham, Syria Response Director for Mercy Corps. "We have food rations packed and ready to go, but we must be certain the cease-fire is holding with all parties before sending people and trucks into harm's way."

Meanwhile, our team in Syria continues to reach communities in need across the country; Mercy Corps has the largest aid operation in Syria, impacting the lives of some 680,000 people each month.”