Mercy Corps: We Are Ready to Receive Aleppo Evacuees


December 15, 2016

Statement from Neal Keny-Guyer, Chief Executive Officer

PORTLAND, ORE. – For years, Mercy Corps’ team in Syria has courageously navigated battlefields to help alleviate the intense suffering of people trapped in the crossfire of this deadly conflict – no matter where they live. What we have witnessed in Syria over these nearly six years of war is shameful – and this week we are horrified to see more unrelenting, brutal violence.

It appears that the evacuation of civilians from the city of Aleppo has begun, and Mercy Corps is prepared to receive newly displaced people across northern Syria. Our teams are standing by with food, blankets, cash and other supplies to help the countless men, women and children who are hoping to escape the fighting and find safety. We do not yet know how many people are on the move, or where they will end up.

Mercy Corps remains committed to helping all Syrians in need. Everyone deserves to have clean water, food and medical care, no matter where they live or who controls their town.

We call on the parties to the conflict to return to the negotiating table quickly and respect international humanitarian law. All parties must take immediate steps to guarantee the protection and safe passage of civilians and the aid workers helping them.

And to the people of Syria – wherever you live – we say: We have stood with you since the start of this war. We will always stand with you because suffering anywhere is a call for action everywhere. We strive for peace and promise to keep working with you towards a brighter future in Syria.

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