Mercy Corps Pledges To Bring Financial Services To Over 1 Million Farmers, Among Other Ambitious Commitments

September 29, 2017

Mercy Corps joins USAID peers in making pledges that accelerate change across the humanitarian and development sector

WASHINGTON DC – Alongside 20 leading humanitarian organizations at the USAID-organized gathering for Global Innovation Week, Mercy Corps on Thursday pledged the organization’s commitment to cutting-edge initiatives that will see results in the next three to four years.

Among the pledges: a promise to put digital technology in the hands of more than 1 million smallholder farmers in East Africa by 2020, to ensure the financial inclusion of at least 1 million displaced people and host community members by 2019, and to double the size of Mercy Corps’ Social Venture Fund portfolio.

“Digital technology and financial services provide breakthrough solutions to persistent social, economic and environmental problems,” says Neal Keny-Guyer, Mercy Corps’ chief executive officer. “These initiatives and others like them have the potential to lift people out of poverty and ultimately transform peoples’ lives in the near term and for the future.”

By helping with digital access, this initiative will facilitate farmers’ ability to use data around weather or markets to inform their work and to ultimately participate in the global economy. In addition, Mercy Corps’ Social Venture Fund invests in cutting-edge enterprises that use global best practices to help people – often living in poverty – connect to resources and improve their lives in an enduring and meaningful way.

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